Product History

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The JETSTREAM® is the most advanced Turn Signal we’ve ever designed & engineered. It is probably the brightest sequential light indicator on the planet since we maxed out the limits of what’s allowed and technologically possible.

See and be seen! The world’s first approved daytime running light with integrated indicator sets new standards in terms design & brightness.

Brightly undercover! The Atto® built-in versions again create completely new design possibilities. Atto® Integral  / Atto® RB Integral / Atto® DF Integral 

Crystal Lense® Technology

Our Crystal Lense® Technology is a special development that reflects the light entering the lighting surface like a crystal.


iLASH Series

The i.LASH products contain all parts so the indicator frequency is correct and dashboard warnings do not appear.
The equipment includes two adapter cables for the indicators with conncetors that fit the vehicle, if necessary with integrated adaption electronics and if necessary a load-independent flasher relay.


We were busy in 2018 with the release of additional ATTO® variants, BULLET 1000® variants and the miniaturized versions of our highly successful RHOMBUS and MICRO Series

We added the ATTO DF, the world’s smallest approved 3-in-1 combination for motorcycles, the 2-in-1 ATTO RB Rear & Brake Light combination and the ATTO WL Position light.

We added the 2-in-1 BULLET 1000 RB and the BULLET 1000 Dark

We shrunk the Micro RHOMBUS down to the RHOMBUS S to about a tenth of its original volume. Super cool.

We shrunk the MICRO down to the MICRO S to about a tenth of its original volume. Super cool, too!

There has never been anything like it before: The world’s smallest and brightest Turn Signal for Motorcycles. With a footprint way smaller that a dime, the ATTO® is the first super-miniaturized Turn Signal that created a whole new category. Our stellar Hotseller!

EXtranz® Extreme Optical Transparency Technology

Highest transparency! Tool technology developed with the Frauenhofer Institute ILT Aachen to create a uniquely clear light spectrum.

ISO 9001 Certification

Quality management at the highest level! High quality motorcycle products – made in Germany.

Safety 1st! We added the BULLET 1000 PL Indicator with integrated white position light ring that temporarily switches off automatically when flashing.


HPT® Homogenous Projection Technology

Uncompromising shine! Thanks to this technology, the Bullet 1000 offers an uniquely homogeneous illuminated surface.

Classic meets Hightech! Classic design paired with innovative Kellermann functions in perfection. The BULLET 1000® Series has revolutionized the “bullet-style” Indicator Market Segment. When it comes to brightness & quality, no other product outruns the BULLET 1000!

BL 2000 Chrome

Shiny! We added a chrome variant of the BL 2000 to mix


BL 2000 Dark

Be Seen But Not Seen! The ring-shaped indicator glass creates a completely new generation of handlebar-end indicators.

Professional! Micro relay for constant and correct flashing frequency.

Flasher Relay R2

A classic! Flasher relay for constant and correct flashing frequency.


Sensational! The brightest Kellermann indicator of all times, approved for all vehicles for the first time.

Undercover!  Hidden behind strongly tinted glass is an indicator with characteristically brilliant double rear lights.

* Product no longer available

Chain Tool KTW 2.0

Separating and riveting with only one tool! Precise mounting thanks to magnetic positioning unit.