At Kellermann, we take the sustainability of our Products and our Company very serious. A lot can be said, but what matters more is actually doing something.

We want you to enjoy and feel good about our Products at every moment. By buying a Kellermann Product, you directly contribute to carbon removal. 

But we don’t stop here. All Kellermann Products are designed to last more than a motorcycle lifetime, hence many of our customers take their “Kellermanns” to their next bikes and reduce electronic waste.

We thank you in advance for your engagement.


We use recycled paper for our packaging.

Fair Trade

We use raw materials from fair trade sources.

Renewable Engery

We use Green Energy to power our facilities.

Timeless Design

All our Products are designed and built to last - not supporting the throwaway mentality.

Revenue Contribution

We contribute 1% of all revenues to remove CO₂ from the atmosphere.

Think Tank

We constantly aim for better solutions towards more sustainability

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