Kellermann Story

As always, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. The picture above is no different. It shows what we call “The Kellermann moment”. That is when ‘a’ bike becomes ‘my’ bike. Just compare the left side with the right side and you’d notice that the original Turn Signals (left) was replaced with the tiny but super bright Kellermann Turn Signal (right).

Guido Kellermann envisioned that particular moment when he looked at his motorcycle in Aachen, Germany over 30 years ago. The aerospace engineering student wanted to personalize his bike with high-quality accessories built according to his vision for form & function or, in other words, looking fantastic and working super well. Since the bar was set very high and no good-enough products were available, he started developing them himself.

The Company Kellermann was born.

Not long after founding the Company, a revolutionary product hit the market – he first fully 3D-CAD designed handlebar-end Turn Signal, the BL 1000. 

A legend and design classic was born, which still has a huge fan base around the globe. Its beautiful appearance, outstanding quality, and superior functionality has set the gold standard for the years come. 

And ever since, this philosophy is driving the Kellermann team to develop the best of the best accessories for your bike today

Kellermann People

Every Kellermann product reflects our philosophy of attractive design, outstanding technology, and breathtaking luminosity. We call this ‘Classic meets High-tech.’

We develop and build our products in-house and always thriving by breaking new technical grounds. We apply the latest technologies, and our development department lives innovation every day. These efforts result in unrivaled motorcycle lights in terms of brightness, providing more safety through enhanced visibility. 

Thus, Kellermann is being recognized as the trendsetter worldwide.

Our Aachen, Germany location combines tradition with attraction due to its proximity to the Excellence University RWTH Aachen, from where many of our employees graduated. They follow the path of Kellermann’s company founder as passionate developers and enthusiastic motorcyclists. Our products are from bikers for bikers, with thoughtful love for details.

We are eager to make motorcycling safer and adding a note of personality and exclusivity with our awarded products.

That is quality – Made in Germany – for over 30 years.

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