The Kellermann
MICRO® Series

The Kellermann MICRO is an incredible sleek indicator that comes in multiple functional variants, sizes and colors  – now even better with 5 years of warranty.

About the MICRO Series

The Kellermann MICRO® is one of the brightest indicators on the market. Its super sleek design makes the MICRO look great on any motorcycle. The Kellermann MICRO Series is available in two different sizes, the regular sized MICRO 1000® and its tiny brother, the MICRO S. Both are also approved to be used on Scooters, ATV’s and even cars.

Kellermann Micro Series

They exceed the tough European ECE rules and shines with an intensity that has made Kellermann products so legendary.

  • MICRO S Turn Signal (single function turn signal) 
  • MICRO S DF (triple- function turn signal, rear + brake light)
  • MICRO 1000 Turn Single (single function turn signal)
  • MICRO 1000 DF (triple function turn signal, rear + brake light)

Find the right MICRO Series for you

We have a MICRO Series for every light situation you want to customize. The MICRO Series is a “universal fit” and you can choose from several mounting plates and adapters. The MICRO Series come as a pair (2 pieces).

Kellermann Micro S Dark Turn Signal
Kellermann MICRO® S Turn Signal
Kellermann Micro S DF
Kellermann MICRO® S DF 3-in-1
Kellermann Micro 1000 Dark Turn Signal
Kellermann MICRO 1000® Turn Signal
Kellermann Micro 1000 DF Dark
Kellermann MICRO 1000® DF Dark
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