The Kellermann JETSTREAM® Series

The Kellermann Jetstream® is the most spectacular motorcycle indicator we have ever built. We maxed out the limits of what is technologically possible!

And now the proud winner of the GOOD DESIGN Award from the prestigious The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design.

About the JETSTREAM®

The JETSTREAM® is the most advanced motorcycle indicator we have ever engineered and it is probably the most spectacular indicator in the World. That was our intention from the very beginning.

The JETSTREAM® integrates elements from aviation design and has the shape of a wing with an integrated jet engine, making it aerodynamically optimized for high velocities.  

The 16 high-power LEDs create unbelievable illuminating power. This dynamically pulsating sequential indicator, with its unique light orchestration, pushes the envelope of what is technically possible. It will define a new benchmark in the segment of exclusive motorcycle accessories.

The JETSTREAM® adds a tremendous amount of extra safety due to its brightness, making the riders’ intent to maneuver visible even from a distance.

Two versions are available in a satin black high-quality metal housing:

  • JETSTREAM® (Turn Signal)
  • JETSTREAM® DF (Turn Signal and Rear & Brake Light)
Kellermann Jetstream sequential LED turn signals for motorcycle

Find the right JETSTREAM for you

We have two versions of the JETSTREAM® you can choose from, the JETSTREAM® Turn Signal and its 3-in-1 Turn Signal, Rear & Brake Light Combo, the JETSTREAM® DF. All versions will dramatically enhance your safety and the looks of your motorcycle. 

The JETSTREAM is a “universal-fit”. Some extra additional electronic equipment may be needed, depending on the make and year of the motorcycle. Ask us, and we will provide you with a solution

Kellermann Jetstream Turn Signal
Kellermann JETSTREAM Turn Signal
Kellermann Jetstream sequential LED turn signals for motorcycle
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