The Kellermann BL Series

The Kellermann BL Series comprise of the two iconic and already legendary, Indicators, the BL 1000® and the BL 2000®. Both have in common that they are handlebar-end mounted and are incredibly stylish. They just look great on any bike from cruisers, sports bikes to even dual-purpose motorcycles – now even better with 5 years of warranty.

About the BL Series

The Kellermann BL 1000/BL 2000 Turn Signals are one of the most iconic Indicators ever designed. The BL 1000 was the first 3D-CAD-designed Turn Signal and the first high-quality aftermarket Turn Signal in the market. The BL 1000 immediately reached a cult status that is still going on after 25 years.

The BL 2000 ties in to the Kellermann tradition to be the first in its category. The BL2000 was the first ring-style Turn Signal that also attracted lots of imitators. But when it comes to brightness & quality, no other product outruns the BL 1000/BL2000.

The enhanced Legacy Series Indicators BL 1000 and BL 1000 come in satin black or chrome finish and the following variants.

  • BL 1000 Turn Signal (single function turn signal )
  • BL 2000 Turn Signal (single function turn signal )

Find the right BL Series

We have a Kellermann Legend Series for every taste. They look awesome on any bike and will give it special look. The Legacy Series Indicators are a “universal fit” and come as a pair (2 pieces) with mountings for almost any motorcycle. 

Kellermann BL 2000 Chrome
Kellermann BL 2000® Turn Signal
Kellermann BL 1000 Dark
Kellermann BL 1000® Turn Signal
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