The Kellermann
Atto® Series

The Motorcycle Turn Signals Kellermann ATTO® Series are the pioneers in miniaturized multi-functional turn signals. Don’t be fooled by its incredibly small size – it is way smaller than a dime, but it is still the brightest and highest quality turn signal  – now with 5 years of warranty.

About the ATTO

Since its inception in 2018, the Kellermann ATTO® Motorcycle Turn Signals have conquered the world by storm. Again, Kellermann brought a product to the market that nobody believed would be possible to do. As the first in this segment, naturally, the ATTO attracted lots of imitators. But when it comes to brightness & quality, no other product outruns the ATTO. It exceeds the tough European ECE rules and shines with an intensity that has made Kellermann products so legendary. It’s not the size, but the illumination power that counts.

Atto smaller than a dime

With Kellermann’s proprietary HighPower LED technology and EXtranz® – Extreme Optical Transparency Technology, the ATTO is helping you to keep following traffic at bay.

The 2022 ATTO Series come with enhanced 5 Years Warranty and in 4 functional variants, optionally in satin black or chrome finish. The satin black versions can optionally selected with dark tinted lenses.

  • ATTO  (single function Turn Signal / Indicator)
  • ATTO WL (single function Position Light)
  • ATTO RB (dual function Rear + Brake Light)
  • ATTO DF (triple function Turn Signal, Rear + Brake Light)

Find the right ATTO for you

We have a Kellermann ATTO Turn Signal model for every light situation you want to customize. The ATTO Series is a “universal fit” and you can choose from several mounting plates and adapters. Depending on Model and Year, some additional electronic hardware, such as load resitors may be required.

Kellermann Atto WL black
Kellermann ATTO® WL Position Light
Kellermann Atto Turn Signal black
Kellermann ATTO® Turn Signal
Kellermann Atto RB black
Kellermann ATTO® RB 2-in-1
Kellermann Atto df black
Kellermann ATTO® DF 3-in-1

Size Comparison

The Kellermann ATTO Series has a miniaturized housing compared to the regular-sized housing of the BULLET 1000. If your objective is to ” hide” your Turn Signals, the ATTO is perfect for you. Its sheer illumination power is unrivaled and makes you more visible to others on the road

To get a good understanding of its size, move the slider to the right (or tap left/right) and see the BULLET 1000 compared to the super small  ATTO.

Att0-Bullet-Size-2.jpg Att0-Bullet-Size.jpg
Att0-Bullet-Size-2.jpg Att0-Bullet-Size.jpg
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