The Kellermann
ATTO® Integral Series

Introducing the Kellermann ATTO® Integral Series, available in the US for the first time! Its incredibly small footprint and housing characteristics make the turn signal fully invisible when not in use. When in use, its brightness is mind-blowing and will add to your safety.

About the ATTO® Integral

After introducing the Kellermann ATTO® Series in 2018, many people thought that it can’t get smaller than then this … until our engineers picked up the challenge.

The result is the first Indicator that can be completely invisible when integrated into the motorcycle’s frame. A dream for every customizer came true. 

But we would never compromise on the brightness, quality, and longevity of our products, so the ATTO® Integral Series comes with the same incredible lighting power as all our other products that made Kellermann Indicators to legendary.

The Kellermann ATTO® Integral comes in three functional groups in a durable Aluminum housing in satin black.

  • ATTO® Integral (Turn Signal)
  • ATTO® Integral RB (Rear & Brake Light)
  • ATTO® Integral DF (Turn Signal and Rear & Brake Light)

Find the right ATTO® Integral for you

We have 3 functional versions of the ATTO® Integral. All versions will dramatically enhance your safety and the looks of your motorcycle. The unique super minimalistic design will make your Indicators literally invisible when not in use. But when in use, they will stand out from the rest of the bunch!

The ATTO® Integral is a “universal fit”.

Kellermann Atto Integral RB
Kellermann ATTO® RB Integral 2-in-1
Kellermann Atto Integral Dark
Kellermann ATTO® Integral Dark Turn Signal
Kellermann ATTO® DF Integral
Kellermann ATTO® DF Integral 3-in-1
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