Frequently Asked Questions

Here is an overview of the most common questions we received so far. If you don’t find any answers, please drop us a note and we’ll find the answer you’re looking for.  Kellermann Products are generally designed to universally fit almost any bike, but we understand that there are thousands of different bikes and configurations, thus there could be a need for some extra equipment. Rest assured that we always got stuff to work in the past 25+ years …

Usually, our products fit almost any bike that runs on 12 Volt DC. If you want to replace your existing LED Turn Signals with Kellermann Turn Signals, everything should run just fine. If you want to add some functions, e.g. a 3-in-1 Turn Signal, Rear & Brake Lights, that most likely requires additional hardware. In this case, ask us or your dealer for more details.

LEDs build up their maximum brightness as soon as they are switched on, while incandescent lamps require a warm-up time. In the event of an accident, valuable fractions of a second can be saved, e.g. in the case of the brake light on the DF (3in1), and passive safety is increased.
If you control the LEDs with complex electronics, they have a very long life expectancy. A hazard to traffic due to failed lamps is therefore almost impossible. In addition, there is no need for replacement.
LEDs require less installation space than incandescent lamps. Many motorcyclists want the smallest possible lights on their vehicles that meet the highest quality requirements and look good. 

All Kellermann products have reverse polarity protection. If the cables are connected incorrectly, nothing will break.

No, you can’t go wrong there. You can connect the Indicators first and see if the blinking frequency is within the allowed range (60-120 cycles/minute). The turn signals will not be damaged. You only need a load-independent relay or power resistors if the frequency is not in the permitted range.

In combination with other measures, this ensures that the LEDs in our products actually reach their theoretically possible service life and that with maximum brightness and minimum power consumption.

This is a tough one … it really depends on how savvy you feel about cutting some cables and making adjustments. If you’ve never done some DIY stuff on your motorcycle, it might be a good idea to ask your local dealer/shop.

Our manuals are very detailed, but again, if you don’t feel savvy enough, let someone else do it for you.

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